1st World Giftedness Center International Conference is going free now!

Professor Ching-Chih Kuo  

Thank you very much for all your positive attention and interest in the 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference in the past months.

To encourage more interested persons across the world to join the event, the organizing committee is pleased to announce that the conference goes free!

Go to the conference website http://www.wgc.ae/conference. quickly and reserve your seats. The conference workshops seats are limited!


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APFG Newsletter 2021 Issue 8 No. 1

Dr. Mantak Yuen and Dr. Suzannie Leung  

Special thanks to the graphic designer, Suzannie Leung, and the following contributions to this issue: Anyesha Mishra, Paromita Roy, Jo Ng, Virginia Cheung, Serene Chan, Lai-Kwan Chan, Mantak Yuen, and Mandy Chan.

Nurturing Talents: APFG Newsletter Issue 8 No. 1

Special Issue on Support for Gifted Learners during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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Dr. Quek Chwee Geok  

Dear members of the APFG

16th APCG Conference 27 to 29 Nov

We hope everyone is keeping well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc and disrupted all our plans. Like most other international events and activities that had to be cancelled or postponed, our 16th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness could not be held as planned in July 2020. Thanks to the perseverance of the organizing committee, the conference will still be held in Daegu, South Korea from Nov 27 to 29, 2020. Those who are able to travel to Daegu will attend the conference at the Representative Exhibition and Convention Center. For foreign participants who are unable to make the trip, the conference will be online as well. For more information, please check out the conference website: http://apcg2020.org/

Extension of APFG membership

In light of the exceptional circumstances wrought by COVID-19, the EXCO deliberated on the implications of our organization. The following decisions have been made with regard to membership and term of office holders:

     1. Membership will be extended to July 2022. This means that all members whose membership expired in July/Aug 2020 will have your membership extended by 2 years, without cost.

     2. As for Delegates, the EXCO decided that current delegates will continue their term till July 2022. However, should any country or region wish to elect new delegates, please conduct your own elections, and inform the secretary of the new delegates, if any, for 2020-2022.

     3. Since we are not able to call for meetings and hold elections for office holders, the current EXCO will serve for another 2 years, until fresh elections are called at the next APCG conference in 2022.

If any member does not agree with the above decisions, please inform the secretary in writing by 20 Nov 2020.

For those who have signed up to attend the Conference in Nov, we look forward to seeing you in Daegu or online.

Keep well, stay safe.

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[APFG Newsletter ] Nurturing Talents

Dr. Mantak Yuen  

Greetings from the Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness!

We are pleased to share with you the APFG Newsletter Special Issue on Professional Development of Teachers for Gifted and Talented Individuals.

Special thanks to the graphic designer, Suzannie Leung, and the following contributors to this issue: Menachem Nadler, Sandra Odger, Michelle Ronksley-Pavia, Ugur Sak, Pnina Zeltser, and Rachel Zorman.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this sharing of knowledge and experience. Please feel free to pass on the APFG Newsletter to your colleagues, friends, students, administrators and policy makers. You can also invite them to join our conference APCG2020 in Nov 27-29 Daegu Korea. Details will be released in the APFG website. http://www.apfggiftedness.org/apfg_www/.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Grateful thanks for your encouraging support, and stay well.

Kind regards,
Mantak Yuen
email: mtyuen@hku.hk.

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HKU CAISE Online Programme for Creativity and Talent Development

Dr. Mantak Yuen  20200803
Please forward programme information to the talented students.

HKU CAISE Scholarship is available for the talented students who are in need of financial aid. For details, see this link

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APCG 2020 will be held from November 27th to November 29th, 2020 at EXCO conference center in the city of Daegu, South Korea

Korea APCG 2020  

After countless numbers of online meetings and discussions among the members of both APFG Executive Committee and the APCG Organizing Committee, we are pleased to inform you that the following dates of November 27th, 28th, and 29th have been chosen for the hosting of APCG2020 at Daegu, South Korea, which was initially scheduled for August.

Despite the turbulent times caused by the globally critical COVID-19 pandemic, both the APFG Executive Committee and the APCG Organizing Committee believed that a biannual event to share and inspire one another with research on Gifted Education is too valuable of an opportunity to let go so easily.

One special aspect of this year’s conference is that online presentations will be added to the conference’s format, compared to the previous conferences that only accommodated physical attendance of all presenting parties at the site of the conference.

This decision was made to accommodate potential members and participants who would want to share the results and implications of their precious research but might not be able to come to South Korea due to various reasons such as sudden changes in conference dates, COVID-19 related border controls, etc. The APCG Organizing Committee is still in the process of deciding on which online platform to utilize but participants will be notified as soon as the decision is made. Other members or participants who are able to physically participate at the site will be welcome to visit EXCO to present their research works.

Although the physical scale of the conference has gotten much smaller than initially expected, the Committees will continue to uphold the traditional value and respect that APCG has had for the field of Gifted Education, and will continue to prepare the conference with consideration of our outstanding scholars and their papers.

The Committees sincerely hope for the return of a safe global community without Coronavirus and look forward to meeting all of you at Daegu, South Korea this November.

Thank you.

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