Membership is open to individuals who support the purpose of the APFG. An individual seeking membership will be accepted as a member upon submission of the required application and fees.

To apply for membership, please send the completed attached form to Dr. Quek Chwee Geok (Quek_Chwee_Geok@moe.gov.sg), our secretary who will update memberships, and Professor Ugur Sak (ugursak@gmail.com), our treasurer who will prepare the receipts to be issued when payment is made. Alternatively, please contact your country representatives and they may help in membership collection if they will be going to attend the 2018 APCG Conference in Bangkok.

By joining the APFG you will benefit from:
- a biannual newsletter
- opportunities to expand your expertise and broaden your horizons
- preferential member rates for a biennial APFG conference comprising keynote speeches, parallel presentations and workshops
- a voice within the organization

APFG 2016 Delegates

Country/Region Delegate
Australia Professor Peter Merrotsy
China Professor Jiannong Shi
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Xingli Zhang
Principal Juncheng Wang
Principal Pengzhi Liu
Hong Kong China Assist. Prof. Dr. Ricci Fong
Dr. Anna Hui
Professor Ng Tai Kai
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mantak Yuen
Indonesia Dr. Indun Setyono
Dr. Evy Tjahjono
Dr. Fitriani Lubis
Korea Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jeonghwa Moon
Dr. Ryu Ji Young
Professor Kyungbin Park
Eunhyang Kim
Russia Vladimir Egozov
Vasilis Pavlov
Yuri Gatanov
Nataliiy Gatanora
Singapore Dr. Lee Shu Shing
Dr. Letchmi Ponnuseny
Dr. Tan Liang See
Dr. Quek Chwee Geok
Saudi Arabia Dr. Faisal Yahya Alamiri
Taiwan Professor Kuo Ching Chich
Dr. Yu Hsiao Ping
Dr. Li I Ming
Mr. Yu Chieng Hung
Turkey Professor Ugur Sak
Dr. Sule Gucyeter
Dr. Melodi Ozyaprak
Thailand Assoc.Prof. Dr.Usanee Anuruthwong
Prof. Dr. Sompong Witayasakpan
Dr. Suthawan Hamkagosnsuk
Dr. Omjai Saimek